About Our Programs

Participation in out-of-school time programs has been connected to improved academic achievement, school attendance and behavior. And, the best programs offer thoughtful combinations of services that best suit the particular needs of the community they serve.

Since 2000, H4H has offered the safe environment desperately needed in the out-of-school times between 2:30 and 7pm on school days, and all day during the summer. Parents in our local neighborhood are grateful for the no-cost opportunities we provide, because they would otherwise be forced to leave their children unattended and unsupervised afterschool, and hope for the best. 

Our Core Content combines academic, enrichment, cultural, and recreational activities to guide learning and engage children and youth in dynamic activities that complement the school day.

Safe Afterschool Enrichment and Safe Summer Programs
Children ages 8-14 

  • Smart Learning Hands:  tutoring and homework assistance, computer instruction; 
  • Active Healthy Hands:  physical fitness, nutrition, and healthy cooking classes; 
  • Talented Creative Hands: cultivating the talents of each youth, wherever their interests lie. Music, art, dance, recording, filmmaking, computer technology
  • Successful Working Hands: Skills for Life and Better Communities.  Financial literacy, career exploration, mentoring, earthquake preparedness, safety, community engagement.  

Safe Afterschool Environment for Older Youth
Teens ages 15+

  • SAT Preparation,
  • College guidance,
  • Driver Safety, 
  • Financial literacy,
  • Career Guidance,  
  • Advanced-level Tutoring,
  • Technology and Computers, 
  • Music, Visual Arts, Photography, and Studio Recording, 
  • Field Trips and Community Service

Academic Summer Camp for youth ages 8-14 and Summer Leadership Opportunities for Teens ages 15+
Tuesday through Thursday, 10 am to 4pm
Role Modeling

Six weeks of fun academic classes for youth. Each week we focus on Language Arts, Math, History, Geography, Science, Technology, with the last week working on a showcase to entertain parents and to show off what the kids have learned.

Healthy Lunch and Snacks are provided each day.

Teens co-facilitate classes, learn and work alongside experts and teachers.

Opportunities to be a Role Model for the younger children are among the most valuable we can provide a teen!  It's both a responsibility and an honor for our older students who have, in a sense, grown up with H4HLA. 

They recognize the valuable work experience that helps them start off their adult resumes and college applications.  



Parents miss an average of 5 days of work each year due to a lack of afterschool care.              

Parents'concerns about afterschool care costs business up to $300 billion/year.
(​Catalyst & Brandeis University, 2006;  Afterschool Alliance) 

Physical fitness activities after school not only promote health but also serve as crime deterrents, teach youth positive values, and impart knowledge and skills to help youth establish lifelong healthy habits. Afterschool Alliance Issue Brief No. 8, September, 2004

Art can be an important element in after school programs whose missions are to address the needs of the whole child. Through artmaking, children are often able to make sense of their world and their roles within it. National Art Education Association, www.arteducators.org

After school providers are often ideally positioned to act as a bridge of communication between home and school on issues related to student learning and homework. (Cosden, Morrison, Albanese, & Macias, 2001)